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about us

We are an ideas/innovations consultancy launched in 1999 to develop new business and product concepts through to commercial market launch.

We currently have a range of projects at varying stages of development and receive on average two new proposals each week.

We will evaluate your proposition and, if the concept appears to have commercial merit, will initiate viability research and draw up outline business plans. Potential alliance and joint venture opportunities will also be explored and seed funding provided.

After detailed analysis and discussions with potential partners/suppliers, projections will then be measured against our basic success/failure criteria.

Key considerations being:

  • Commercial viability
  • Marketability
  • Cost
  • Time scale
  • Likely return
  • Likely competitive reaction
  • Management
  • Financial position
  • Exit route

Whilst we can and will bring in experienced management, the business needs a champion who will be responsible for making it happen. There is unlikely to be significant money in the short-term to pay competitive full-time salaries so the committed idea champion is a vital component.

Only if the project passes the test at this stage does detailed planning kick in. A full business plan and financial projection/cash flow forecast will be drawn up and 2nd stage funding either provided or external investment sought.

We will then assist through Strategy/Development and to Market launch.

Our experience includes: Technology, Travel, Home, Services, Marketing & Communications, Health Care, Fitness, Design, Visitor Attractions and F.M.C.G.

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